Model X

Where the Model S exudes class and can easily hold its own beside an Aston Martin or a Maserati, the Model X makes you go “Wow”.

Complete with Falcon Wing Doors and up to seven seats, the Model X is the luxury SUV of the electric car world.  It doesn’t quite have the performance of the Model S but what’s that matter when the P100D can still do 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds?!!

When the Falcon Wing Doors are up, the car draws attention to itself – in part because it looks so dramatic and futuristic, and in part because many people simply don’t know what it is but they want to find out.  Those that do know what it is want to get up close and personal.

Arriving at your wedding or your reception and stepping out of those Falcon Wing Doors makes for a dramatic and memorable entrance.

With seven seats it is also the perfect vehicle for groomsmen or bridesmaids.

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I have partnered with 3FEV, a leading Tesla hire company to bring you the Model X.  3FEV are able to provide a Model X in two variants: the 75D and the super fast P100DL with Ludicrous Mode.  I can provide a quote on request for a chauffeur driven hire of one of these for your wedding day.